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Daylight Savings time begins on March 11th!


Enjoy an extra hour of daylight in the evening and look forward to 

the first day of Spring on the 20th!



We’ve been receiving truckload after truckload of new patio furniture all month!


It’s all set up in our new store and ready to go.

Come in to see what’s new!


  What’s happening with Hufflepuff

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Hufflepuff’s been loving her new home!  

However, it seems she can’t decide on her favorite spot. 


She’s been hanging out in the warehouse, the office, and on the furniture.

And also greeting customers with her usual enthusiasm!


   The Adventures of M and M 

M and M attended the International Casual Furniture Association Conference in Ft Lauderdale, Florida in January.  They learned a lot from many speakers and other retailers from all over the country.  The first Mary Fruehauf Retail Genius Award was presented to Village Green Home and Garden

of Rockford, IL.  Congratulations Village Green!



This month M & M head to Atlanta, GA for the Gift Show to buy more inventory

to fill up the new store!  




Look for…Quality Outdoor Cushions

When looking for outdoor cushioned furniture, it is important to make sure the interior of the cushion is designed to be used outdoors along with the fabric. Even if the fabric of the cushion is suitable to withstand the elements, the cushion itself may not be. Inferior cushions are made with indoor fill which can retain moisture and stay soggy causing mildew.


Quality cushions designed for the outdoors have an interior made from reticulated polyurethane foam, which means they have large, open pores that allow maximum water drainage and air circulation, this means you can use your cushions shortly after they get wet or even saturated. They also retain their resiliency and shape, unlike inferior cushions which flatten over time.  These high quality cushions stay comfortable longer.



 The Boutique at Fruehauf’s  


Vera Bradley is all set up in our new store!
Come in to find a handbag to freshen up your spring wardrobe!



March Chamilia Punch Card Specials

Buy any 2 beads and receive a FREE Chamilia polishing cloth

Buy any 3 beads and receive a FREE Chamilia jewelry wrap

 Buy any 5 beads and receive a FREE Chamilia jewelry box



Every bead you purchase earns you a punch. 
Save up punches on your bead buyer card and redeem them for the above items,
or save them for future specials!  



Come in to see the new Spring beads! 


March Trollbeads Punch Card Specials

Buy any 2 Trollbeads and receive a FREE jewelry pouch

Buy any 3 Trollbeads and receive a FREE trinket box

Buy any 5 Trollbeads and receive a FREE bead stringer

Every bead you purchase earns you a punch. 

 Save up punches on your bead buyer card and redeem them for the above items,

or save them for future specials!