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It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner!  Get a jump on your holiday shopping at Fruehauf’s and find unique gifts for everyone on your list! 
This is also a great time of year to upgrade your outdoor space, especially if you are expecting guests for the holidays.  Get a great deal during our Moving Sale,  
choose from a HUGE selection in stock now and ready to be delivered today!


Patio Furniture Moving Sale!
  Only two more months until Fruehauf’s moves to Westminster! 
Take advantage of 30% off all patio furniture and 50%-90% off closeout and clearance items.

30% off all Fire Pits!
Extend and enjoy your evening outdoors with a new Fire Pit.
Fire Pits are an essential part to any outdoor room, adding ambiance and warmth.  At Fruehauf’s you will find many different styles to choose from, and they are all on sale!


Fruehauf’s Holiday Open House was a big success!
Here are some pictures from the event
Everyone enjoyed Joanne’s yummy and unique cupcakes!
Party goers enjoy the lights and the fire pits outside, not to mention the beer and wine!
  Everyone gathers around to watch the New Wizard Oil Combination perform.

The party favor this year was a Fruehauf’s Holiday edition tin filled with chocolate chip cookies, yum!
(Don’t worry, we have more for sale at the store if you missed the party!)

Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you for your business! 
If you didn’t receive an invitation and would like to receive one for next year’s Holiday Open House,
please call us (303-449-9551) or sign up for our e-mail list at

Congratulations to our Pumpkin Coloring Contest Winners!

It was hard to choose the winners this year, seems like they keep getting better!


Here are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each age category displayed at the store.

(1 year olds far left to 12 year olds far right) 


Thank you to everyone who participated!


Visit Fruehauf’s Winter Wonderland!
We have decorated the store with thousands of lights and nearly 200 themed Christmas trees
with many unique ornaments to shop from!
Enjoy a hot cup of cider seasoned with Aspen Mulling Spices
while you wander through our 2 acre Winter Wonderland
Nutcrackers, smokers, and snow globes are displayed on the left.  Our popular dog and cat trees feature ornaments from over 30 different breeds!
The mezzanine level features party and character themed trees, from Dr. Who to Minions!
Animated animals and a Tropical Paradise themed tree complete the front display,
and the bathroom gets a Christmas makeover as usual!

Fruehauf’s 2017 Christmas Tree Themes
1 Tropical Paradise 46 Charcuterie 91 Barbie 136 Peacock
2 BBQ 47 Popcorn Balls 92 Barnie 137 Coca Cola
3 Dogs 48 Beer 93 Ferbie 138 CU
4 Cats 49 M & M’s 94 Dora The Explorer 139 Broncos
5 Autumn 50 Cracker Jacks 95 Alvin & The Chipmunks 140 Nuggets
6 Texting 51 Pillsbury Dough Boy 96 Cat & The Hat 141 Rockies
7 Elves 52 Gingerbread Man 97 South Park 142 Avalanche
8 Nutcracker Ballet 53 Wine 98 Looney Tunes 143 Japan
9 Christmas 54 Cake 99 Family Guy 144 Russia
10 Snowmen 55 Sugar Twist 100 Garfield 145 France
11 Santa Claus 56 Chocolate 101 Blues Clues 146 Africa
12 Christmas Morning 57 Food Truck 102 Disney 147 Mexico
13 Reindeer 58 Monster Truck 103 Sesame Street 148 England
14 Traditional Angels 59 Transportation 104 Clifford 149 Caribbean
15 Golden Angels 60 Gem Snowflakes 105 Simpsons 150 Scotland
16 Colorado 61 Halloween 106 Rug Rats 151 New England
17 Mountain Biking 62 Crocs 107 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 152 Vegas
18 Hiking 63 Poo Pourri 108 Super Heroes 153 Germany
19 Lodge 64 January 109 Baby 154 Antarctica
20 Wilderness Animals 65 February 110 Fairly Odd Parents 155 Spain
21 Bird Houses 66 March 111 Angry Birds 156 China
22 Birds 67 April 112 Elvis 157 Arctic
23 Holiday Gnomes 68 May 113 I Love Lucy 158 Holland
24 Hummingbirds 69 June 114 Wizard of OZ 159 Italy
25 Fishing 70 July 115 Dinosaurs 160 Jerusalem
26 Fungi 71 August 116 Beatles 161 New Orleans
27 Woof & Poof 72 September 117 Flower Power 162 New York
28 Pop-up Ornaments 73 October 118 Christmas Story 163 Cow Girl
29 Owls 74 November 119 Grateful Dead 164 Cow Boy
30 Ski Lodge 75 December 120 Black Star 165 Artist
31 Birch 76 Musical Instruments 121 Dragons 166 Photographer
32 Bear 77 KISS 122 Frogs 167 Photo Frames
33 Camping 78 Disco 123 Nutcracker 168 Farming
34 Fruehauf’s 79 Dr Who 124 Spa Day 169 Running
35 Cardinal 80 Hipsters 125 Retro Kitchen 170 Cycling
36 Chakra 81 Star Wars 126 Airstream 171 Scuba
37 Coffee & Tea 82 Alice & Wonderland 127 Retro Livingroom 172 Theater
38 Post Cards 83 Ballroom Dancing 128 Lipstick 173 Billiards
39 Crystal Delight 84 Minion 129 Converse 174 Professions
40 Cupcakes 85 Sponge Bob Square Pants 130 Handbags 175 Servers
41 Candy Canes 86 Betty Boop 131 Uggs 176 Sports
42 Cocktails 87 Winx 132 Camels 177 Kayak
43 Ice Cream 88 Snoopy 133 Ostridge Egg 178 Cruising
44 Doughnuts 89 My Little Pony 134 Mermaids 179 Hot Air Balloons
45 Cigar Lounge 90 Hello Kitty 135 Fanciful Flights



Fresh Cut Christmas Trees have arrived!
Shop from Nobles from Oregon and Frasers from Michigan in 6 different sizes


christmas tre 
We keep our cut Christmas trees under cover and in water to ensure you the freshest tree possible.
Shop early for the best selection!
Hand-tied decorated wreaths and garland have arrived as well!


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Look for…a good Thanksgiving turkey recipe
Thanksgiving is next week! 
This year free up some oven space and try cooking your turkey on your Big Green Egg.  Watch the simple one minute “how to” video below.


  Need a new grill?  Need a grilling accessory?
Remember, Fruehauf’s has Colorado’s largest grill selection year round,
on sale, and ready for same day delivery!
Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Fruehauf’s!


 The Boutique at Fruehauf’s   


 All Chamilia beads are buy one get one FREE! 



November Chamilia Specials

Buy any 2 beads and receive a Chamilia polishing cloth

Buy any 3 beads and receive a Chamilia jewelry wrap

Buy any 5 beads and receive s Chamilia jewelry box 


cleaning cloth

Every bead you purchase you receive a punch on your punch card.

Save up punches on your bead buyer card and redeem them for the above items!


The New Winter Nostalgia Collection is here!



 November Trollbeads Specials

Buy any 2 beads and receive a FREE polishing cloth

Buy any 3 beads and receive a FREE travel jewelry pouch

Buy any 5 beads and receive a FREE Trollbeads bead turner



Every bead you purchase you receive a punch on your punch card.

 Save up punches on your bead buyer card and redeem them for the above items!

Come in to see Vera Bradley’s new Snow Lotus pattern


And shop from our huge buy one get one FREE section of discontinued patterns!