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The holidays are right around the corner!  Get a jump on your holiday shopping at Fruehauf’s and find unique gifts for everyone on your list!
This month all gift and holiday items are 20% off!*
*Excludes Big Green Egg, Napoleon, Weber, and Trollbeads


Holiday Patio Furniture Sale!
Update your outdoor space before your Holiday guests arrive!
Take advantage of 30% off all in-stock patio furniture and 60%-80% off closeout and clearance items throughout November.
This just in!
Our new warehouse makes it much easier for us to receive large patio furniture shipments year-round!  We are already receiving new furniture for spring!
We just filled in on Jensen Leisure’s Ipe wood patio furniture, including the popular Opal group, pictured above.  Ipe wood holds up great in our climate
with virtually no maintenance!
Telescope’s Belle Isle deep seating collection has arrived!  This group is great for adding comfortable patio furniture to smaller spaces.
More furniture is arriving soon. 
At Fruehauf’s shop from a huge selection, and get a great deal!
We are offering special financing this holiday season.
No interest if paid in full within 12 months!


    Fruehauf’s 40th Holiday Open House    
We had over 150 people attend this year, a great turnout for the first
Holiday Open House at our new location!
For those of you who missed it, here are some pictures from the event.
In celebration of our 40th anniversary guests received a glass of champagne on the way in,
and a bottle of champagne with a ruby themed ornament on the way out!
Party goers enter Fruehauf’s Winter Wonderland on the left.  This year Joanne’s cupcakes were decorated in ruby red to honor the 40th Holiday Open House, yum!
Guests enjoying the party sitting in comfy patio furniture! 
   Everyone always loves the festive singing performance of The New Wizard Oil Combination
and this year was no exception!


Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you for your business! 
If you didn’t receive an invitation and would like to receive one for next year’s Holiday Open House,
please call us (303-449-9551) or sign up for our e-mail list at

Thank you to our Pumpkin Coloring Contest participants!


We will be choosing the winners soon!


Visit Fruehauf’s Winter Wonderland!
We have decorated the store with nearly 200 themed Christmas trees
with many unique ornaments to shop from!
Enjoy a hot cup of cider seasoned with Aspen Mulling Spices
while you wander through our Winter Wonderland
Animated Polar Bears greet you as you enter the store!
The front display doubles as a holiday photo background!
The Colorado trees are pictured on the left, and an assortment of holiday décor on the right.
The photo on the left shows many of our music trees, from the Grateful Dead to The Beatles!
The world trees are on the right, representing several different countries.
Fruehauf’s 2018 Christmas Tree Themes
1 40th Anniversary 46 Colorado Rockies 91 Gingerbread 136 The Simpsons
2 Polar Bears 47 Colorado Avalanche 92 Pillsbury Dough Boy 137 Frozen
3 Penguins 48 Denver Nuggets 93 Doughnuts 138 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
4 Converse Sneakers 49 Denver Broncos 94 Cracker Jacks 139 Barbie
5 Night Out 50 Professions 95 M & Ms 140 Ferby
6 Winter Boots 51 Campers 96 Cake 141 Dora the Explorer
7 Vera Bradley 52 Military 97 Candy Canes 142 Garfield
8 Handbags 53 Retro Kitchen 98 Cupcakes 143 Minions
9 Spa Day 54 Retro Lounge 99 Sugar Twist 144 South Park
10 Crocs 55 Outer Space 100 Chocolate 145 Super Heroes
11 Prehistoric 56 Transportation 101 Ice Cream 146 Warner Brothers
12 Russia 57 Construction Vehicles 102 Cardinals 147 Sesame Street
13 New York 58 Disco 103 Fungi 148 Sponge Bob Square Pants
14 Las Vegas 59 Grateful Dead 104 Holiday Postcards 149 Fairly Odd Parents
15 Holland 60 Musical Instruments 105 Pop-up Ornaments 150 Alice in Wonderland
16 Wild West 61 KISS 106 Woof & Poof 151 Star Wars
17 New Orleans 62 Elvis 107 Mountain Lodge 152 Dr. Who
18 Mexico 63 The Beatles 108 Birds 153 I Love Lucy
19 France 64 January 109 Bird Houses 154 Clifford the Big Red Dog
20 Scotland 65 February 110 Winter Birds 155 Rug Rats
21 Germany 66 March 111 Birch Ornaments 156 Angry Birds
22 New England 67 April 112 Retro Fruehauf’s 157 Blues Clues
23 Mermaids 68 May 113 Owls 158 Barney
24 Peru 69 June 114 Frogs 159 Disney
25 Flip Flops 70 July 115 Woodland Creatures 160 Monster Trucks
26 The Beach 71 August 116 Gnomes 161 My Little Pony
27 Egypt 72 September 117 Cycling 162 Elves
28 Farm 73 October 118 Hunting & Fishing 163 Christmas
29 Spain 74 November 119 Skiing & Snowboarding 164 Snowmen
30 England 75 December 120 Hiking 165 The Nutcracker Suite
31 Caribbean 76 Cigar Lounge 121 Camping 166 Christmas Morning
32 Israel 77 Cocktail Lounge 122 Colorado 167 Reindeer
33 Africa 78 Martinis 123 Hipsters 168 Santa Claus
34 Japan 79 Wine Lovers 124 Flower Power 169 Running
35 China 80 Coffee & Tea 125 Fanciful Flights 170 Ice Skating
36 Italy 81 Cheers! 126 Peacock 171 Billiards
37 Angels 82 Memories 127 A Christmas Story 172 Cruising
38 Scuba and Snorkel 83 Beer 128 Dragons 173 Sports
39 Hot Air Balloons 84 Budweiser 129 Baby’s First 174 Ballroom Dancing
40 Yoga 85 Tiki Bar 130 Hello Kitty 175 Snow Fairies
41 Theater 86 Dogs 131 Winx 176 Kayaking
42 Artist 87 Cats 132 Texting 177 BBQ
43 Photographer 88 Coca Cola 133 Betty Boop 178 Halloween
44 Handy Man 89 Popcorn Balls 134 Wizard of OZ
45 CU Buffs 90 Food Trucks 135 Family Guy


Hufflepuff What’s happening with Hufflepuff

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 Hufflepuff is hanging out with her alpaca friends


 How did you get up there Puff?


“Each year, 14 percent of grill owners cook all or part of their Thanksgiving meals on the grill or smoker,” says Emily McGee, Director, Communications, Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA). “This year take it a step further and give your leftovers a second life by reheating them on the grill or smoker.”
“Turkey is the highlight of any Thanksgiving meal, and the leftovers can be just as exciting,” says Beth Breeding, National Turkey Federation. “Whether you’re cooking your Thanksgiving turkey or using up leftovers, the grill is a great place to try turkey. Turkey’s versatility allows this lean protein to soak up flavor. Fire up the grill and turn your leftovers into an entirely new meal. A quesadilla, pizza, grilled cheese or even a grilled salad – use your leftover turkey to serve up something unexpected.”
The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association and National Turkey Federation share expert tips on grilling your holiday leftovers each day of Thanksgiving weekend:
  • Friday, Layer Your Leftovers. “Grab a cast iron pan. Put a layer of mashed potatoes down, then turkey and green beans. Smother that with gravy. Top that off with more mashed potatoes and put it in your favorite bbq cooker. Let it get back up to temp and enjoy your ‘Shepherd’s pie.’” – Mikey Kay, Man Meat BBQ
  • Saturday Lunch, Make a Pot Pie. “Leftover turkey provides the perfect opportunity for a grilled turkey pot pie. Make a hearty broth with cream of mushroom soup, sautéed mirepoix (carrots, celery and onions), steamed cubed potatoes, green peas and chunks of leftover smoked turkey. Put the filling in a heavy grill-proof pan (like a cast iron frying pan) and top with drop biscuits, puff pastry or pie dough. Bake in your grill for about 30 minutes at 400*. Serve hot!” – Adam McKenzie, This Jew Can Que
  • Saturday Night, Roll an Eggroll: Make your first leftover meal one with a bite. “Thanksgiving eggrolls are one of my favorite ways to use those tasty leftovers. Rough chop leftover turkey, ham, green beans and corn and combine with gravy for a filling. Wet all four edges of an eggroll wrapper. Fill with filling and roll into an eggroll. Deep fry with your grill until golden brown. Use the cranberry sauce as a dipping sauce.” – Craig Tabor, Big Green Craig
  • Sunday, Have a Fiesta. “Come Sunday, your family is likely tired of Thanksgiving flavors, but you probably still have turkey in your fridge. Turn those into turkey enchiladas. Shred the turkey, and combine with fresh-diced onions, a can of green chilis and Monterey jack cheese. Roll the meat into tortillas and place in a cast iron skillet. Cover with green enchilada sauce and more cheese. Bake at 400* grill over indirect heat, until the cheese is golden and bubbly.” – Christie Vanover, Girls Can Grill
  • Sunday Night, Pack Away. “Leftovers are only safe in the fridge for three days, so if you haven’t used all your leftovers yet, freezing is a great way to extend the shelf life. Tightly package leftovers in freezer-safe containers and store for three to four months. When you are ready to grill your frozen leftovers, there are three safe ways to thaw food: in the refrigerator, in cold water and in the microwave. Never thaw frozen leftovers at room temperature. Freezing and reheating leftovers is a great way to keep the holiday going all winter long.” – Shelley Feist, Partnership for Food Safety Education, originator of science-based food safety messages

For more information on grilling for Thanksgiving and all year long, visit For more great turkey recipe ideas, visit

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Fruehauf’s!


 The Boutique at Fruehauf’s   


 Now’s a good time to start another bracelet, necklace, or earrings for you,
or for a gift.  All Chamilia is 20% off this month!



November Chamilia Specials

Buy any 2 beads and receive a Chamilia polishing cloth

Buy any 3 beads and receive a Chamilia jewelry wrap

Buy any 5 beads and receive s Chamilia jewelry box 


cleaning cloth  

Every bead you purchase you receive a punch on your punch card.
Save up punches on your bead buyer card and redeem them for the above items!

  Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Grateful Turkey bead!


The limited edition Faceted Snowflake Obsidian Black Friday bead

will be available for pre-sale on November 19th!

 November Trollbeads Specials

Buy any 2 beads and receive a FREE polishing cloth

Buy any 3 beads and receive a FREE Trollbeads trinket box

Buy any 5 beads and receive a FREE Trollbeads travel jewelry box



Every bead you purchase you receive a punch on your punch card.

 Save up punches on your bead buyer card and redeem them for the above items!

Come in to shop from Vera Bradley’s new winter pattern, Bramble!